Vitamins – Shots


Vitamins are delivered via a quick shot to your muscle in order to boost
health more directly compared to oral vitamin supplementation. Anyone can
receive a vitamin shot. There is no downtime from a shot & they take less
than 5 minutes to administer.


  • B12 Shot

    Using water-soluble vitamins for improved energy, skin health, metabolism, mood, & immunity.


  • Glutathione Shot

    The most powerful antioxidant shot we offer! Boosts immunity and happiness, while improving skin health.


  • Not Your Morning Coffee Shot

    Wake up with glutathione & B-complex.


  • Queen Bee Shot

    All of the B vitamins in one shot!


  • Calm Shot

    The Calm shot contains GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which is a calming neurotransmitter, and other amino acids (theanine, taurine) that help lower the stress response. It also contains magnesium, which helps with muscle relaxation. The combination of items in this compound help reduce the mechanisms of stress in the body as well as the mind.


  • Contour Shot

    Burn fat and boost your workout with MIC, B12, & L-carnitine.