Vitamins – Shots


Vitamins are delivered via a quick shot to your muscle in order to boost
health more directly compared to oral vitamin supplementation. Anyone can
receive a vitamin shot. There is no downtime from a shot & they take less
than 5 minutes to administer.

  • B12 Shot $20/$35

    Using water soluble vitamins for improved energy, skin health, metabolism,
    mood, & immunity.
    Small: 1mL great for frequent users
    Medium: 3mL great for first timers

  • When You Turn Pro Shot (athletic) $55

    Repairs, revitalizes, & rebuilds with vitamin D & glutathione.

  • Recovery Shot $55

    Aids in athletic recovery. Glutathione, B-complex, B12, & CoQ10.

  • Pre/Post Workout Shot $55

    Increases energy, burns fat, & power up with B12, L-carnitine, MIC fat burner,
    & glutathione.

  • Your W-o-r-k-o-u-t Shot $55

    Calorie & fat burning shot to boost your workout routine. B6, B12, MIC fat
    burner, & L-carnitine.

  • HaPPy Shot $55

    Promotes your health, de-stresses and replenishes with B6, B12, B-complex, &

  • Not Your Morning Coffee Shot $55

    Wake up with glutathione & B-complex.

  • Queen Bee Shot $55

    All of the B vitamins in one shot!

  • Peter Pan NeverLAND Shot (anti-aging) $55

    Improves skin, mood, energy, bone health, & restores vitality with MIC, B12s &

  • MuffinTop Stop Shot $55

    Burn fat and boost your workout with MIC, B12, & L-carnitine.