Vitamins – Pushes


Vitamins are delivered directly to the bloodstream; the nutrients, minerals,
& antioxidants will beautify & boost your day. These are not for those with heart or
kidney conditions. Vitamin pushes take 10-20 minutes to administer with no


  • Antioxidant/Glutathione Shot

    The most powerful vitamin antioxidant shot we offer! Boosts immunity and
    happiness, while improving skin health.
    Small: 1mL great for frequent users
    Medium: 3mL great for first timers

  • When You Turn Pro Shot (athletic)

    Repairs, revitalizes, & rebuilds with vitamin D & glutathione.

  • Sunshine Shot $75

    B vitamins & minerals to replenish when there’s no time for an IV.

  • Hangover/Jet L-A-G Recovery Shot

    Increase energy, burn fat, & power up with B12, L-carnitine, MIC fat burner,
    & glutathione.

  • Pre-Flight Check

    Anti-oxidants to aid & promote speedy recovery & healing with B vitamins,
    selenium, magnesium, & calcium.

  • Love Shot

    Increase energy & boost sex hormones with B vitamins, minerals, & vitamin C.

  • Immunity Shot

    Anti-oxidants to aid & promote speedy recovery/healing with B vitamins,
    selenium, magnesium, & calcium.

  • Headache Shot

    Relax inside your head with magnesium.